Using the Afinion CRP tests

Afinion is a quantitative test for detection of CRP with a measuring range between 5 and 200 mg/l.

Afinion CRP

The test result is available in 3-4 minutes.

How to use the test:

  • Remove the cartridge from a foil pouch by the handle.
  • Use a lancet to firmly prick a side of a middle or ring finger.
  • Draw a blood sample from a finger prick using the sampling device.
  • Place the sampling device immediately in the test cartridge.
  • Load the cartridge on the Afinion analyser with the barcode facing left.
  • Close the lid manually. 
  • The machine automatically starts analysing the sample and displays the result. 

Download more detailed instructions for using the Afinion CRP tests.

The Abbott team offers in-person training in using the Afinion analyser and can advise on the required competencies.


You can watch short instructional videos online: modules 2 and 3 demonstrate how to set up the analyser, and module 7 shows how to perform the CRP test.

Helpful Afinion documents are available online; download selected documents by clicking below:

afinion how to use

How to interpret the results:

Afinion provides a numeric result which, according to NICE guidelines [24], for patients with symptoms of lower respiratory tract infection can be interpreted in the following way:

CRP less than 20 mg/l Antibiotics are unlikely to be beneficial
CRP between 20 and 100 mg/l A back-up / delayed prescription may be helpful
CRP greater than 100 mg/l Antibiotics may be needed


Download a printable summary sheet for interpreting CRP test results (pdf).



  • Analyser set-up: 
    • The analyser needs to be plugged in. It takes a couple of minutes to warm up during which time it performs its own self-checks and calibration. There is nothing else required to calibrate or set up the analyser.
    • It is recommended that the analyser is turned on at the start, and turned off at the end, of the day. It has a safe/standby mode when not in use.
  • Cartridges: 
    • Cartridges can be stored refrigerated (2-8⁰C) until the expiry date or at room temperature (15-25⁰C) for 4 weeks.
    • If cartridges are stored refrigerated, they need to be removed from the fridge at least 15 min before use.
    • Write the date of removing the cartridge from the fridge on the foil pouch.
    • A test cartridge must be used within 10 min after opening the foil pouch and must be loaded into the analyser within one minute after placing the sampling device with blood sample in the cartridge.
    • Dispose the used cartridges in medical waste bin.
  • Quality Control (QC):
    • Is it advised that QC checks are performed at least once per month and: anytime an unexpected test result is obtained; with each shipment of new test kits; when training new operators in correct use of the analyser.
    • Use the Afinion CRP Control kits provided.
    • Keep a record of all quality control results.
    • Read more about QC in the Afinion CRP Package Insert (p. 11) and watch a video with instructions (Module 7, QC starts from 3:48 min).


Contact the Abbott technical support online, by email or telephone: 0161 483 5884 (option 3).   

If you wish to order more CRP cartridges as part of the STEP-UP research study, email the study team.       


Read about performance characteristics of the Afinion CRP testing (compared to a laboratory method) and within-device precision in the Afinion CRP Package Insert (p. 12).

A NICE innovation briefing about the Afinion CRP testing is also available [25].